Report: Finances top mental health stresses

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Report: Finances top mental health stresses

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bigstock-Portrait-of-a-senior-woman-hol-34202627Money woes can be a big source of division in relationships and families, but when behavioral health conditions are present, these issues can lead to additional stress making coping much more difficult. A recent report from the American Psychological Association found that money was the primary stress factor across the United States.

Finance and money difficulties can strike at any end of the socio-economic spectrum, but the research showed that parents with young children, young adults and families in low-income households were more likely to experience stress.

A significant amount of Americans are putting medical needs on hold because of financial concerns. Nearly 1 in 5 of those questioned in the survey said that money worries led them to either skipping or thinking about skipping going to the doctor when they needed care.

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