Louisiana Behavioral Health Partnership

COPE Behavioral Health is a proud member of the Louisiana Behavioral Health Partnership (LBHP), the system of care for Medicaid and non-Medicaid adults and children who require specialized behavioral health services, including those children who are at risk for out of home placement under CSoC.  Beginning March 1, 2012, the LBHP has been managed by Magellan Health Services of Louisiana. The LBHP includes participation of Magellan, OBH, Medicaid, Office of Juvenile Justice (OJJ), Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), and Department of Education (DOE), who together form the Partnership.

The LBHP is designed to serve the needs of individuals who comprise one of the following target populations:

  1. Children with extensive behavioral health needs either in or at-risk of out-of-home placement;
  2. Medicaid-eligible children with medically necessary behavioral health needs who need coordinated care;
  3. Adults with severe mental illness and/or addictive disorders who are Medicaid eligible; and,
  4. Non-Medicaid children and adults who have severe mental illness and/or addictive disorders.

Through better coordination of services, the Louisiana Behavioral Health Partnership:

  • Enhances the consumer experience;
  • Increases access to a more complete and effective array of behavioral health services and supports;
  • Improves quality of care and outcomes; and
  • Reduces repeat ER visits, hospitalizations, out-of-home placements and institutionalizations.

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